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Which name I can choose?

Private limited liability company must always have the letters AS or the word “aksjeselskap” in the name.

Sole proprietorship must contain a surname of the owner.

Use Brønnøysund Registry search function to check the company name.

Main requirements:

  • At least three letters of the Norwegian alphabet
  • Only certain characters as well as letters (see below)
  • Not only the name of the country, state or municipality (eg. Oslo AS)
  • Exceptions from these rules are made for sole proprietorships. If one has a surname consisting from 2 letters (for instance MO) or identical to the state’s name (for instance NORDLAND) it will be approved
  • Not exactly the same as the registered name
  • Do not name that could “mislead or cause offense”

The company name can not be identical to the business name is registered in the Brønnøysund Register before. With identical means that it is totally identical and include all letters, spaces, numbers and characters of an existing name. The legal form of the company is not counted, so the company HENRIK AS,  HENRIK ANS or HENRIK DA are considered identical.

A letter, number, space or a character is enough to consider two names being difficult.

NB! Consider that the names are too similar other names may increase the risk of confusion by post authorities, telephone directories and internet search engines. Therefore even if you can formally choose it, is always a good idea to keep your company name differrent from existing company names.

What characters are accepted in the company name?

  • Norwegian letters: A-Å.
  • Numbers
  • Space
  • Commas, periods, exclamation points, question marks, dashes, colons, semicolons, slashes, apostrophes, parentheses, paragraph and ampersand
  • Plus, minus, multiplication, division, equality and percent sign.
  • Letters with accents: À, Á, Â, È, É, Ê, Ì, Í, Î, Ò, Ó, Ô, Ù, Ú, Û, Ý. Letters with umlaut: Ä, Ë, Ï, Ö, Ü.

Special rules apply to foreign companies wishing to establish themselves in Norway.

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