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Limited liability company – New registration

Minimum capital requirement for Norwegian private limited liability company (AS) is 30 000 NOK. In addition, the share capital can be used to cover the costs of registration. All in all, it is now both cheaper and easier to start private limited liability company (AS).

Included into the price of NOK 3.200 plus VAT

  • Act of incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Protocol for choosing away the auditing. You may choose whether you need the auditor
  • Brønnøysund form “Samordnet registermelding del 1”

All the founding documents and bylaws are a included into the package. All you need to do is to sign the documents we send to you as well as accumulate the equity capital to the bank account.

Our aim is to deliver our service as fast as possible. We provide you with the documents which after being sent to Brønnøysund register by regular mail or electronically via Altinn results in the friction free registration of your AS company. Our consultants will take care of the registration process, and send you all the required documents quickly and efficiently normally the same day. All you need to do is sign them, go to the bank, open a bank account in the name of company and deposit the share capital.

The company is ready as soon as you have paid-in equity, signed on Altinn or send a paper version of the documents and Brønnøysund registers dealt with your application. Normally the registration process takes a week. It may be longer if you don’t have Norwegian personal number or access to Altinn and documents are sent  to Brønnøysund register by regular mail. Also you should remember that we need a confirmation from the bank about paid in capital, so this depends to some extent on yourself as well as on workload in Brønnøysund registers.

In the process of registration you can choose whether you want to use Contus for your bookkeping. We can choose start at later date if you plan activity start slowly.

Order new registration of AS NOK 3.200 + VAT=> NOK 4.000

I hereby certify that order this service from Contus Økonomi AS. I will be billed NOK 3.200, – excluding VAT for this service. I am aware that there is a charge from Brønnøysundregistrene at NOK 5.784 (or NOK 6.940 for the documents sent in in paper format). I understand that Contus Økonomi AS provides this service by using standardized incorporation documents and bylaws to establish and register a AS company, and not specific or customised incorporation documents and bylaws. I agree that the auditor can not be freely chosen and the documents that are going to be signed by order it is a part of the service aimed to incorporate a AS company. I understand that this is NOT ongoing audit of financial statements. I have also been encouraged to seek professional legal advice for my particular situation. I have read, understood and accepted the terms of service.

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