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Registration of a branch (NUF)

Company is normally ready for use within a week. However, since the registration process depends on signing the documents and sending them back to us so the actual process may take a bit longer. This depends a little bit on yourself. We establish an English limited company and send you the foundation documents for your signature, usually within a day or two. You send them to the Brønnøysund Register where the company will be ready in approx. one to two weeks depending on their workload.

The NUF company is essentially a Norwegian branch of a foreign corporation. This may sound both complicated and cumbersome, but since you do not have operations in a foreign company in Great Britain and Contus handles all contact with the British authorities, there are no complicated matters for you to handle. You run NUF company as usual Norwegian limited liability company. We handle the rest

Included into the price of (Kr 2.400 ex mva)

  • Minutes of the Extraordinary General Shareholders Meeting (where it is decided to establish a Norwegian branch).
  • Filled coordinated register notification to Brønnøysund register.
  • Filled additional Brønnøysund register forms (when needed) .

This service is mostly meant for European entrepreneurs registering NUF as the Norwegian branch of your already existing European company. This service is extremely popular among Eastern European entrepreneurs.

In addition, we perform ongoing changes, liquidations and other services in connection with your business. When you register with us NUF company is effectively the same as having a pure Norwegian company structure.

Order new registration of NUF NOK 2.400 + VAT=> NOK 3.000

I hereby certify I am ordering this service from Contus Økonomi AS. I will be billed NOK 2.400, – excluding VAT for this service. I am aware that there is a charge from Brønnøysundregistrene at NOK 3.205 for the registration of NUF. I understand that Contus Økonomi AS provides this service by using standardized documents aimed to register a branch in Norway, and is not using specific or customised incorporation documents and bylaws.I have also been encouraged to seek professional legal advice for my particular situation. I have read, understood and accepted the terms of the service..

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