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Accounting from 1.000 NOK/month in Norway

Thank you for interest in accounting services from Contus Økonomi AS!

That is true, the prices for our services start from 1.000 NOK plus VAT per month. We have offices in Tønsberg and Kaunas and remotely we are are able to provide services in all territory of Norway.

Our price calculation is very clear and simple. Accountant’s work in Norway is priced by hourly fee 600 NOK plus VAT, however please note, that we apply lowest monthly fees.

For Norwegian company with unlimited liability the monthly price shall never be lower than 1.000 NOK plus VAT per month, and for foreign company (NUF) as well as for Norwegian AS company the monthly price cannot be lower than 2.000 NOK plus VAT per month.

If you want to see a full price list for accounting services in Norway, so you can find it here.

Please write to us at or call (+47) 465 667 64 and sign the accounting agreement with us today.

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